A fun, smart rolling ball for healthy child development with autism-specific applications.

With motion (both autonomous and remote controlled), touch sensing, lights, colors, sounds and a variety of different games (direct on QueBall or used via smart phone), QueBall will engage your child with hours of beneficial fun.

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QueBall is a device aimed at early child development and also at autism therapy. It is an electronic device that has games to get your child; moving, learning, communicating, interacting, having fun, the list goes on... QueBall uses motion, touch sensing, lights, sounds and colors to create games. These games are designed by scientists and educators to get your child moving and learning. QueBall's games can teach your child about numbers, words, colors, emotions... again the list goes on.
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At Que, we want children to move more, learn more and have fun while they are doing it. We use everyone's love of technology to create games that have a beneficial component. We now know that if you move while you are learning, your learning potential is increased and of course you get all the health benefits associated with moving (see the benefits section of this website). Let's explain the Colors game and the Emotions game.

Colors game

QueBall combines motion, sound and color to teach your child about color. Because your child is learning about colors in a full-bodied moving way their learning potential is increased. Lets look at the 'Grab It' level of the Colors game. QueBall asks your child "pick me up when I am... 'blue, red or some other color', then QueBall rolls around changing color. Your child has to chase QueBall and pick it up when it is the correct color (see the video of the Colors game). Being physically involved in the game increases your child's learning potential and gets your child moving.

Emotions Game

QueBall combines motion, sound and color to teach about emotion. Learning about emotion in a full-bodied moving way increases learning potential. QueBall can teach about emotion without using the human face. Finally, there is a device that can teach about emotion in a way that those with autism can relate to. QueBall displays different emotions in full-bodied ways such as, using color: yellow for happy, blue for sad, flashing red for angry. QueBall uses motion to display emotion, such as, fast for happy, slow for sad and jerky for angry. Different sounds are also used such as, laughing & lively music for happy, crying & slow music for sad, and roaring & spiky music for angry. QueBall can even react to interaction by displaying different emotions. Hit QueBall and it may become sad or angry, stroke QueBall and it can become happy.
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No. QueBall can work completely autonomously. This means QueBall can function by itself. It can roll about by itself and make decisions on which direction to go etc. QueBall can detect your touch by itself and react to this interaction. QueBall can change color, change sounds, do everything by itself. QueBall is completely independent. Why does QueBall have smart phone support? Because with games you may receive either added functionality, such as with the Colorwheel game. You can use the touch sensing to change QueBall’s color but you can also use a smart phone to change QueBall’s color. In other instances, using a smart phone may make some functionality easier to achieve such as, changing sound/light packages in the Touch N Go game. But there is no need to worry if you don’t have a smart phone. QueBall was designed to be autonomous.
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The QueBall delivered to you will be localized/localised to your region. For example, QueBall’s delivered in the USA will use American accents in games when QueBall speaks and will use American spellings (color). QueBall’s delivered in the U.K. will use British accents and British spellings (colour). QueBall’s delivered in Canada will use Canadian accents and British spellings (colour). Also, we are working on QueBall's that speak French and Spanish as their first language (not just changing a game into French or Spanish).

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