QueBall: your solution for learning, fun, active play & ASD therapy.  An easy to use, portable device that comes with different games. Already being used in America, Canada and Europe.  

Over 10 years of science, research & development. QueBall uses technology by engaging the "user" in active interaction that creates meaningful, fun and positive play that aids with:

  • Cognitive Potential
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Physical Well-being

QueBall comes with TEN free games with more on the way.

  • Emotion Game
  • Color Game
  • Touch 'N' Go
  • QueBall Says
  • QueBall Says 2
  • Addition Game
  • Follow Me
  • Song Game
  • Color Wheel
  • Remote Control


  • ASD Therapy (social interaction, 
  • Movement/Physical Play
  • Gross Motor Skills/Fine Motor Skills
  • General Learning/Education for Typically Developing (Pre-K through Elementary)
  • Emotional well-being, calm behavior
  • Fun!

Our Mission

To develop technology that improves and enhances the lives of others.  We have spent years of research understanding the needs of the user, therapists, teachers, care-workers and parents.  This has enabled us to create a system that allows the greatest potential for progression and learning in the user.  

Independent Apps

We are developing a suite of Apps that are aimed at different areas of learning & ASD therapy.  Below are screen shots of our "Learn Emotions" App available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Lithuanian & Portuguese.  "Learn Emotions" teaches about emotions in a fun and interactive way.  Interact with the different characters and see how they respond when they are 'happy', 'sad' or 'angry'.  Then two simple games see if your child can recognize the different emotions.


Where is QueBall being used?

>> QueBall is currently being applied in hospitals, school boards, therapy centres, and homes in North America and Europe.