When combining fun with learning, exercise and even therapy there is no better way than QueBall games.

QueBall mixes children's love of technology with physical play.

QueBall's games allow your child to play by their selves with QueBall, play with friends and QueBall, or for you to join in on the fun.

With its extensive library, your child will never get bored with QueBall.

A child plays with QueBall

QueBall's Built-in Games (more coming soon)


learning icon encourages learning - exercise icon encourages exercise - social interaction icon encourages social interaction
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Touch N Goexercise icon learning iconemotional well-being icon smartphone icon


This game involves touch and movement. By touching different zones on QueBall, you activate different sounds. You can load your own playlists or use the sound packages we have included (see below). QueBall rolls about either autonomously (by itself) or you can remote control it (see the 'Control Zone' image).

Your QueBall comes preloaded with 7 different sound/light packages (Naughty, Nice, Lively, Gentle, Nursery Rhymes and Classical).

You select the sound/light package you want to play. Each package comes with 3 different levels that activate automatically according to QueBall's speed (still, slow, fast). Each speed level contains 6 different sounds.

  • Speed level 1 plays when QueBall is still (6 unique sound and light combinations)
  • Speed level 2 plays when QueBall is rolling slow (6 unique sound and light combinations)
  • Speed level 3 plays when QueBall is rolling fast (6 unique sound and light combinations)

This makes a total of 18 sound/light combinations per package. Your child will race to touch QueBall when it is going fast to hear the different sounds it makes and see the different lights. But don't forget as with all QueBall games you have the ability to turn off sound/lights and control motion - the choice is always yours!

Sound samples

Press play for a sample of the different sounds that come with each package:

  • Nice Sounds/Lights Glow
  • Naughty Sounds/Lights Techno
  • Nursery Rhymes (available in English, French or Spanish/Lights Glow)
  • Lively Sounds/Lights Techno
  • Gentle Sounds/Lights Glow
  • Classical (available with or without QueBall saying the composer and title)/Lights Glow

Touch zones

The gray areas on QueBall show the touch zones. Just like your iDevice they are invisible buttons. QueBall has touch zones on the top, side and bottom of the device. Touch these areas to activate the different sounds.

image showing touch zones on QueBall

Remote Control

The image below shows the QueBall app for Touch N Go.

image showing QueBall app

Colors learning icon smartphone icon

COLORS, MOVEMENT and LEARNING. This game can be used to learn about colors in English, Spanish or French. By combining movement with learning you can increase the potential to take in and retain the information. With your child moving they get two types of benefits: 1) all the normal benefits from exercising and 2) your child has an increased potential of learning about colors.

This game has 3 different levels:

  • Level 1 - Say It: QueBall rolls around and says a color
  • Level 2 - Spell It: QueBall rolls around and spells the color
  • Level 3 - Grab It: QueBall says pick me up when I am ‘Green’ (or some other color) then it rolls around displaying different colors. If you pick up QueBall when it is red you will hear an incorrect sound, if you pick QueBall when it is Green you will receive congratulations.

Catch Me! exercise icon emotional well-being icon

CHASING, RUNNING, GRABBING and LEARNING about time, it is all in the Catch Me Game.

QueBall wants you to catch it. It will run away from you. This game has two levels:

  • Instant feedback: QueBall changes color and the music speeds up the longer it takes you to catch it.
  • Telling time: QueBall will tell you how long it took you to catch it.
image of a child chasing QueBall

A child chasing QueBall.

Emotions learning iconautism icon smartphone icon

HAPPY, SAD and ANGRY learn about emotions in the Emotion Game. In this game you can physically see QueBall change emotions. QueBall expresses emotions by changing color, sounds and motion allowing you to see the emotion without the use of a face. Finally, it is possible to learn and teach about emotions in a full-bodied way.

  • Level 1 - Learn it: QueBall cycles through different emotions allowing you and your child to talk about the different emotions.
  • Level 2 - Communicate it: Use QueBall to express your own feelings. Either interact with QueBall to get QueBall to show an emotion, roll QueBall fast along the floor to make it happy, rock QueBall to make it sad and shake QueBall to make it angry. Or use your smart phone, simply press the icon to get QueBall to show the emotion (smily face, sad face or angry face).
  • Level 3 - Experience it: Stroke QueBall and it will be happy, hit QueBall and it may turn sad or angry - then the only way to make QueBall happy again will be to stroke it. Your child can actually experience how their own actions can effect something or someone else.

Counting learning iconexercise icon

NUMBERS, COUNTING and MOVING it is all in the counting game.

Use this game to learn about numbers in English, French or Spanish. Lift QueBall up and down to hear QueBall count 1, 2, 3 and so on. By combining movement with learning, you can increase the potential to take in and retain the information.

QueBall knows that you are lifting it up and down and counts along with you.

Midline Fun exercise icon autism icon

EXERCISE, MOVEMENT, FUN, COLORS, SOUNDS, CROSSING THE MIDLINE, it is all in the Midline Fun Game. This game focuses on exercising your child's midline coordination. Something every child needs. Bilateral Coordination is the art of using both sides of body together, like walking, holding a piece of paper still while drawing on it or even clapping. Some children avoid bilateral coordination. Midline fun encourages your child to cross their midline and exercise their bilateral coordination. Touch sensors know if your child is using both hands as they move QueBall, as a reward QueBall changes color or makes different sounds.

image showing a child lifting QueBall across their midline

As the child lifts QueBall from one side to the other they cross their own MIDLINE and exercise their bilateral coordination. QueBall rewards them with colors and sounds.

Rollie Pollie QueBallsocial interaction icon


Players sit on the floor and roll QueBall to each other. When QueBall detects being caught by a player it rewards with colors, lights or sounds. QueBall can graduate through a color scheme, going from light blue to dark blue each time it is rolled and caught or QueBall can go from a low musical note to a high musical note as it is rolled and caught. It is an ideal way to encourage children to work/play in a team.

image showing two players rolling QueBall to each other

Colorwheel learning icon smartphone icon

This simple game will teach your child about colors. Your child can easily use the touch sensing on QueBall to change the color that QueBall glows. Simply run your hands over QueBall to see it change color. Or use the Colorwheel App to change the color of QueBall. As your child runs their fingers over the colorwheel on the screen of your smart phone QueBall will glow the corresponding color. They will begin to associate that certain colors are close to each other on the colorwheel.

image showing QueBall's colorwheel

Tik-Tok QueBall smartphone icon

MOVEMENT, SOUND and COLOR all when it is time to get up. Use QueBall as your child's alarm clock. QueBall uses different effects to show your child when it is time to get up. QueBall can glow red when it is still bedtime and then glow green, play music and roll about when it is time to wake up.

(A smart phone is required to change the wake up time.)

QueBall Says learning iconsocial interaction icon smartphone icon

SOCIAL INTERACTION, SOCIAL PLAY, LISTENING, WORD COMPREHENSION, it is all in QueBall Says. QueBall displays different movements, going fast, going slow, wobbling, going forward and backwards, when QueBall says "QueBall SAYS!" the children copy the action. QueBall also says "Dance, Lift your arms, Run on the spot, Crawl on the floor, Hold hands with a friend" and so on; this game builds social interaction, exercise and fun.

QueBall Pet learning iconsocial interaction icon smartphone icon

IMAGINARY PLAY, SOCIAL INTERACTION and CARING, it is all in QueBall Pet. QueBall displays different behaviors and sounds to act like either a cat or dog. To effect QueBall Pet’s behavior, rock it, stroke it, gently play with it or alternatively be rough with it. To get QueBall Pet to be a happy cat or dog with corresponding sounds, glowing lights and movements, play nicely. Hitting or being rough with your QueBall Pet will cause angry cat or dog sounds with flashing lights and spiky movements.

Coming Soon

Third party developer software apps.

QueBall can interact with your current smartphone or tablet. Third-party developers will be able to leverage this feature and offer great new software to interact with QueBall on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the QueBall website.